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A Contested Concept

Since its inception, Norwegian Crafts has concerned itself with developing new thinking about craft. In this essay by art historian and former Norwegian Crafts chairwoman Jorunn Veiteberg we are offered a closer look into Norwegian Crafts’ focus on theory development and craft writings, as she discusses challenges within the craft field today. Her unsurprising conclusion is that the concept of craft is neither unambiguous nor simple.

Norwegian Crafts Magazine Revisited

Editorial for the fourth issue of The Vessel titled Norwegian Crafts Magazine Revisited, edited by the Norwegian Crafts team

A Decade of Norwegian Crafts

Kristine Wessel, chairwoman of Norwegian Crafts, looks back on the organisation's evolution over the past ten years: from an online magazine to a multifaceted institution working to connect artists and art professionals across the craft field.

Recognizing Ground: Where Indigenous and Queer Practices Meet

Recognizing Ground: Where Indigenous and Queer Practices Meet is a conversation between artists matt lambert and Máret Ánne Sara about shared experiences, migration, nomadism and land.

A Baroque Fairytale of an Exhibition

Ceramic artist and curator Heidi Bjørgan's exhibition The Story of an Affair at Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim is a complete installation, mixing museum artefacts, music, and scenography with new ceramic works by Bjørgan herself. In this article by art historian Jorunn Veiteberg we're invited to take a closer look at the exhibition as a cabinet of curiosities.

Jens Erland: Man/Machine

Under the term ‘composite ceramics’, artist Jens Erland combines mechanical elements, performance, and industrial materials into ceramic sculptures and objects. In this interview by Mariann Enge we’re introduced to his work, and how coincidence and growing up close to agricultural industry shaped his path to ceramic art.

Between the Dishrag and the Tiger

This essay by Toril Moi investigates the power of textiles, as a potentially feminist endeavour. The essay was published in the exhibition catalogue for Ode til en Vaskeklut, Hymne til en Tiger, a survey of textile art from Norway in connection with the 40th anniversary of Norwegian Textile Artists (2017).

A Studio Visit with Ellen Grieg

In this interview, Ellen Grieg talks about dyeing processes, working sculpturally with rope and her artistic practice as a long-term research project

Elisabeth von Krogh: Playing with Form

In this interview Elisabeth von Krogh talks about caricatured expressions, optical illusions and the vessel as form.

Bergen: Rupture and Movement

In this article, Anne Britt Ylvisåker writes about the craft artists Marit Tingleff, Kari Dyrdal and Torbjørn Kvasbø and their strong connection and impact on the development of the craft education in Bergen, Norway.

Tone Vigeland: Hands on

'Tone Vigeland: Hands on' is an interview with the jewellery artist Tone Vigeland by Reinhold Ziegler. Tone Vigeland’s art springs from a direct encounter between her hands and her materials. For more than fifty years, she has created jewellery and sculptures that combine simple craft techniques with stringent aesthetics – works apparently liberated from any possible intellectual approach. Perhaps this is why people the world over describe her art as both timeless and placeless, and sometimes even magical.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto: Material as Metaphor

An interview with artist Kiyoshi Yamamoto by André Gali

Mata Aho: Māori Weaving Practices at Atua-Scale

A conversation between Zoe Black and Aotearoa New Zealand art collective Mata Aho

Weaving the Wild: the Work of Brit Fuglevaag

An interview one of Norway's foremost textile artists through several decades, Brit Fuglevaag, by Zoe Black

Erika Stöckel: Power of the Oppressed Body

In this conversation between curator and artistic director Maria Ragnestam and artist Erika Stöckel we learn more about how Stöckel builds her large-scale ceramic installations, starting from a theme and using historical photography, cultural preconditions, and shame as her inspiration.

Beyond G(l)aze

 In this conversation we meet the curator team behind the Sino-Norwegian ceramics exhibition Beyond G(l)aze, consisting of two Norwegian and two Chinese curators: Heidi Bjørgan, Bjørn Inge Follevaag, Feng Boyi and Wang Dong. Here they discuss their experience working with the exhibition, after the initial showing of the exhibition in China.

Pearla Pigao: Playing Patterns

An interview with textile artist and musician Pearla Pigao by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim and Johnny Herbert

Sigve Knutson: The Amateur Craftsman

An interview with craft artist Sigve Knutson by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim and Johnny Herbert

Joar Nango: Duodji as part of Philosophy and Cosmology

Namita Gupta Wiggers in conversation with Joar Nango about shelter, nomadism, and the Sámi concept of duodji