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Connecting to the Past: Reclaiming Nordic Heritage through Tattooing

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen and Tor Ola Svennevig invite you into their studio to talk about their craft, promoting Norwegian art and culture, as well as taking their Nordic culture back from the abuse of the extremist right. The two tattoo artists have also written short artist presentations about their personal journeys within the tattoo field.

Phonotope 4 – a Sounding Landscape

The contemporary composer Rolf Wallin presents the concept and process behind the performance Phonotope 4. Phonotope 1 was developed in 2001 and since then, four other phonotopes have seen the light of day. Phonotope 4 is the first of the four, to move into the physical and visual with SISU Percussion Ensemble and scenographer Carle Lange, with questions like “how to make "water-like" music with instruments made of water?” and “how to build a fire instrument that sounds like fire?”

No Nodes – Speaking to the Land

In this text, Sebastian Rusten looks at the ancient art of spruce root basket weaving to reflect upon his artistic practice, which relates and communicates with a non-human world through foraging and craft.

Baarkaldahke – A Living Cultural Legacy

Lova Isabelle Lundberg introduces us to the South Sami hair tie tradition baarkaldahke through a short film, images and text.

Pitch, Prosess, Produkt

Artists Siri Hjorth’s and Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas’ Pitch, Prosess, Produkt is an artwork consisting of three short films investigating contemporary textile art in a larger cultural context.

On Fibre Optic Weaving and the Archiving of Landscape

Film and interview with Hilde Hauan Johnsen by Ingun Mæhlum and Hilde Sørstrøm