The Vessel is an online magazine about crafts and material culture. The Vessel looks at the world through a craft lens – showcasing making practices, visual expressions and material knowledges from a multitude of perspectives. The Vessel collaborates with external editors, artists and writers. The Vessel is published by Norwegian Crafts.

Norwegian Crafts

Norwegian Crafts' principal aim is to strengthen the position of contemporary crafts from Norway internationally. Norwegian Crafts is a non-profit organisation founded by the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (Norske Kunsthåndverkere), i 2012. It is funded through the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additional support for The Vessel has been provided by Kunsthåndverkernes Fond (Norske Kunsthåndverkere).

Suggestions and feedback

The Vessel is a new endeavour for Norwegian Crafts. If you have any suggestions or feedback for The Vessel, please feel free to share it with us via email.

If you have an idea for an issue or would like to present yourself as a potential contributor or editor, please send us an email with your proposal.

Terms and conditions

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Works of art by Norwegian/Norway-based artists published on this site have been licensed through the Norwegian Artist Copyright Society, BONO. If you are an artist and believe your work has been published on this website without permission and that you are entitled to a copyright fee, please contact Norwegian Crafts for licensing.

The Vessel's ISSN is 2703-9900.