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7 - Transforming Bodies

February, 2024

Transforming Bodies explore tattoos and permanent body adornment practices and argues that these practices are inherently craft-based expression. The issue features articles by Aaron Deter-Wolf and Maya Sialuk Jacobsen. A filmed interview by David Alræk with Jannicke Wiese-Hansen and Tor Ola Svennevig, as well as a written interview by Tiril Flom with Elise Nedal og Linn Aasne Grønnerøe. The issue will also feature artist presentations by Marita Wikstrøm Svěrák and Touka Voodoo.

6 - Modulating Craft

October, 2023

The sixth issue of The Vessel, Modulating Craft, dives into how artists, with intention and passion, specifically work with- and between craft, performativity, sound, and music. The issue includes presentations of the practices of artists Malin Bülow, Eirik Brandal, and Sebastian Rusten with a film made by Carsten Aniksdal; an essay by Nicholas Norton; an audiovisual presentation of 'Phonotope 4' with Rolf Wallin, SISU and Carle Lange; and the sound piece 'Glaumr' by Krissy Mary. Modulating Craft is edited by artists Pearla Pigao and Stian Korntved Ruud.

5 - The Outermost Layer

March, 2023

The Outermost Layer, the fifth issue of The Vessel, explores various aspects of art jewellery and metal art through 9 interviews, essays, and articles edited by artists Camilla Luihn and Agnieszka Knap. The issue features interviews and articles by Olaf Hodne, Anne Klontz, Johanna Zanon, Linn Sigrid Bratland, Julia Wild and Katharina Dettar, as well as Jokum Lind Jensen and Vivi Touloumidi, showcasing the works of artists Kristine Ervik, Íris Elva Ólafsdóttir, Renate Dahl, Sofia Eriksson, Miriam Johannesson, Ingvild Reinton, Lauren Kalman, Sayo Ota and Judit Fritz.

4 - Revisited

November, 2022

The fourth issue of The Vessel is titled Norwegian Crafts Magazine Revisited. The issue contains 45 interviews, essays, and articles from the archives of Norwegian Crafts Magazine, an online publication which grew into a separate organisation – Norwegian Crafts – ten years ago. The magazine published over 130 different stories on craft, focusing primarily on artists from Norway. The issue is edited by the Norwegian Crafts team.

3 - Embodied Knowledge

May, 2022

The third issue of The Vessel in entitled Embodied Knowledge – Exploring the Influence of Whakapapa and Maadtoe jah Maahtoe. The issue is edited by deputy director of Objectspace Zoe Black, artist Carola Grahn and artist and arts educator Jasmine Te Hira. The issue takes the concepts of whakapapa, maadtoe, and maahtoe as it's starting point, and features articles, interviews, films and presentations with Katarina Spik Skum, Ron Te Kawa, Fredrik Prost, Inga-Wiktoria Påve, Lova Isabelle Lundberg, Monika Svonni, Tanya White, Dorothy Waetford, Raukura Turei and Jasmine Togo-Brisby among others.

2 - Re-Acting Fibres

March, 2022

The second issue of The Vessel explores fibre art and textiles, with a focus on artists, makers and thinkers that through their work attempt to repair, rethink, and re-act fibres. The issue takes the artwork «Pitch, Prosess, Produkt» by Siri Hjorth and Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas as its point of departure. Re-Acting Fibres is edited by Anne Dressen, Ida Falck Øien, Marcia Harvey Isaksson, and Lars Sture. It features conversations on the practices of Noa Eskhol, Linda Nurk and Natsai Audrey Chieza, essays by Adam Curtis and Carole Collet, and a text on Winona LaDuke’s Hemp & Heritage Farm by Dorothée Perret and Oscar Tuazon.

1 - Living Archives

November, 2021

The inaugural issue of The Vessel, Living Archives, focuses on how artists have used archives, museum collections, and knowledge-holders to resurrect endangered making practices, and how these making practices relate to identity, community, and land. The issue is edited by Káren Elle Gaup, Cameron Woolford, and Marte Johnslien, and features interviews with artists Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Åsne Kummeneje Mellem, and Hilde Hauan Johnsen, and essays by Tāmihana Katene and Susanne Hætta.