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Performativity and Sound

Pearla Pigao: Playing Patterns

Pearla Pigao weaves large-scale tapestries that double as musical instruments. By using metal threads as warp and weft in the loom, the tapestries can played by audiences moving between and around the textiles, altering the electromagnetic field between their body and the textile surface.

Mata Aho: Māori Weaving Practices at Atua-Scale

Mata Aho is a collective of four Māori artists based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Together they create large-scale sculptural installations rooted in Māori practices and visual forms. Coming together in collaboration enables them to tackle ambitious projects bigger than their individual capacities.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto: Material as Metaphor

Growing up in Rio, Yamamoto attended a Catholic school that emphasised crafts. Since he was heavily dyslexic, crafts provided a means for him to express himself. At the age of 16 he moved to London and then later to Norway, where he completed an MFA in textile art and has been living ever since. In this interview published by Norwegian Crafts in 2016 we meet Kiyoshi Yamamoto as he is preparing for Structure, the Norwegian exhibition at the 2017 Milan design week.

Jens Erland: Man/Machine

Under the term ‘composite ceramics’, artist Jens Erland combines mechanical elements, performance, and industrial materials into ceramic sculptures and objects. In this interview by Mariann Enge we’re introduced to his work, and how coincidence and growing up close to agricultural industry shaped his path to ceramic art.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto: Material as Metaphor

An interview with artist Kiyoshi Yamamoto by André Gali