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Between the Dishrag and the Tiger

This essay by Toril Moi investigates the power of textiles, as a potentially feminist endeavour. The essay was published in the exhibition catalogue for Ode til en Vaskeklut, Hymne til en Tiger, a survey of textile art from Norway in connection with the 40th anniversary of Norwegian Textile Artists (2017).

A Studio Visit with Ellen Grieg

In this interview, Ellen Grieg talks about dyeing processes, working sculpturally with rope and her artistic practice as a long-term research project

Hannah Ryggen's Popularity

The Swedish-Norwegian textile artist Hannah Ryggen (1894-1970) wove tapestries using locally sourced wool and plant dyes from her and her artist husband Hans Ryggen’s farm on Fosen, by the Trondheim fjord; yet her activist tapestries offer a rich political commentary on global events such as Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia, the Vietnam war, and Nazism’s emergence in Europe. In this article by Line Ulekleiv, we are invited to investigate the relevance of Ryggen’s practice in contemporary society, and the reasons behind her rising popularity in recent years.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto: Material as Metaphor

An interview with artist Kiyoshi Yamamoto by André Gali

Mata Aho: Māori Weaving Practices at Atua-Scale

A conversation between Zoe Black and Aotearoa New Zealand art collective Mata Aho

Weaving the Wild: the Work of Brit Fuglevaag

An interview one of Norway's foremost textile artists through several decades, Brit Fuglevaag, by Zoe Black

Pearla Pigao: Playing Patterns

An interview with textile artist and musician Pearla Pigao by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim and Johnny Herbert

Keeping the Flame of Ancestral Tradition Burning

The Sámi gietkka, a cradle for newborn children, has an ingenious design suited for a nomadic lifestyle. In this text, duojárat and couple Fredrik Prost and Inga-Wiktoria Påve talk about two old cradles that were left in their care from each of their families, and how they made them fit for new generations with the help of each other, their ancestors, and sketches from the 1930s.

Baarkaldahke – A Living Cultural Legacy

Lova Isabelle Lundberg introduces us to the South Sami hair tie tradition baarkaldahke through a short film, images and text.

In Search of Käsityö

Interview with Åsne Kummeneje Mellem by Maija Liisa Björklund

Mahi ki te Awa Whanganui – Revival on the Whanganui River

Interview with artist and weaver Matthew McIntyre Wilson by Isaac Te Awa

On Fibre Optic Weaving and the Archiving of Landscape

Film and interview with Hilde Hauan Johnsen by Ingun Mæhlum and Hilde Sørstrøm