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Strategies for Designing and Composing with Sound Sculptures

In this text, Eirik Brandal writes about the construction and composition strategies of his electronic sculptures. He reflects on craft in relation to his own artistic background in music composition and sonology and contemplates how artists are necessarily shaped by the tools they are working with.

Spirals, Serendipity, and Symbiosis: Exploring the Working Processes of Metal Artists Ingvild Kristine Reinton, Miriam Johannesson, and Sofia Eriksson

In this essay by Anne Klontz we are invited to investigate the artistic practices of three artists – Ingvild Kristine Reinton, Miriam Johannesson and Sofia Eriksson – whose work with metal demonstrates the ‘outermost layer’ as a site for transformation and negotiation.

Grayson Perry: The Mad Potter

British artist Grayson Perry is a television star and transvestite whose best friend is a teddy bear. But he believes that making ceramic vases is far more provocative. In this interview by Kristin Valla we get an insight into his practice as a ceramic and textile artist.

Elisabeth von Krogh: Playing with Form

In this interview Elisabeth von Krogh talks about caricatured expressions, optical illusions and the vessel as form.

Aslaug Juliussen: A Sense of Sustainability

In this conversation with artist Aslaug Juliussen, Hilde Sørstrøm delves into Juliussen's sustainable approach to material transformation. While her installations and sculptures are made using materials and technique from her Sámi heritage, Juliussen always seek to evolve and transform the materials into something new.

Bergen: Rupture and Movement

In this article, Anne Britt Ylvisåker writes about the craft artists Marit Tingleff, Kari Dyrdal and Torbjørn Kvasbø and their strong connection and impact on the development of the craft education in Bergen, Norway.

Tron Meyer and Kent Fonn Skåre: Tron Meyer and Kent Fonn Skåre

In this interview by Johnny Herbert, Tron Meyer and Kent Fonn Skåre offer perspectives on their multi-faceted practices within art, craft, design, and architecture.

Marit Tingleff: Serving up Stories with Chances

Marit Tingleff makes large earthenware dishes that won’t fit on a dining table. In this interview by Christer Dynna she relates this format to the porcelain and fine china that was once part of a broad culture and tradition carried mainly by women, and which has since been relegated to flea markets or – at best – the kitchen cupboard.

Inger Blix Kvammen: Memories in Metal

Inger Blix Kvammen's artistic practice relies on a vast number of connections with individuals and communities from around the world. Memories from her travels to Northwest Russia, to Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Southern Caucasus, Turkey and Armenia lay the foundation for the objects she constructs back home in her studio in Hessing, a few kilometres outside of Kirkenes in Finnmark, Norway. In this interview by Hilde Sørstrøm we gain a closer insight into her process.

Ahmed Umar: Starting from Stories

In this interview, matt lambert converses with multidisciplinary artist Ahmed Umar on materiality, craft-based art, and how storytelling emerges as a form of activism in Umar's artistic practice.

Sidsel Hanum: A Journey into the Tiniest Details

In this interview by Lars Elton with ceramicist Sidsel Hanum we learn about her work using liquid porcelain and a technique known as horning, which allows her to construct vessels and objects, laced with intricate detail.

Tone Vigeland: Hands on

'Tone Vigeland: Hands on' is an interview with the jewellery artist Tone Vigeland by Reinhold Ziegler. Tone Vigeland’s art springs from a direct encounter between her hands and her materials. For more than fifty years, she has created jewellery and sculptures that combine simple craft techniques with stringent aesthetics – works apparently liberated from any possible intellectual approach. Perhaps this is why people the world over describe her art as both timeless and placeless, and sometimes even magical.

Sigve Knutson: The Amateur Craftsman

An interview with craft artist Sigve Knutson by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim and Johnny Herbert