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Elastic Imprints and Fluid Forms
Artist presentation
Malin Bülow uses her artistic practice to explore interconnectedness, and to understand our bodies as being fundamentally part of the natural world and not separate from or privileged to it.
Excellence in Craft
Textile Art
HAiK: Camouflaged Art or Bold Fashion?
This interview by Geir Haraldseth with Ida Falck Øien investigates the fashion brand HAiK's conceptual approach to garment-making, using anthropological methods, interdisciplinary collaboration, and…
Toril Johannessen: Unlearning Optical Illusions
Jessica Hemmings reflects on the textile works of artist Toril Johannessen and her exhibition Unlearning Optical Illusions. At first sight, Johannessen’s works evoke connotations to the patterns…
Franz Petter Schmidt: The Consummate Object
In this interview with artist Franz Schmidt by Gjertrud Steinsvåg we are introduced to the exhibition Weaving Fabrics for Suits at Oslo Art Society and Schmidt’s experience working with…
Between the Dishrag and the Tiger
This essay by Toril Moi investigates the power of textiles, as a potentially feminist endeavour. The essay was published in the exhibition catalogue for Ode til en Vaskeklut, Hymne til en Tiger, a…
A Studio Visit with Ellen Grieg
In this interview, Ellen Grieg talks about dyeing processes, working sculpturally with rope and her artistic practice as a long-term research project
Grayson Perry: The Mad Potter
British artist Grayson Perry is a television star and transvestite whose best friend is a teddy bear. But he believes that making ceramic vases is far more provocative. In this interview by Kristin…
Bergen: Rupture and Movement
In this article, Anne Britt Ylvisåker writes about the craft artists Marit Tingleff, Kari Dyrdal and Torbjørn Kvasbø and their strong connection and impact on the development of the craft education…
Karen Kviltu Lidal: Exposing Power Structures
In this essay, Sofia M. Ciel examines the work of Karen Kviltu Lidal, which explores society, architecture, and public life from the starting point of the physical body. Kviltu Lidal moves freely…
Magdalena Abakanowicz and the Norwegian Art Scene: Style Creator or Liberating Role Model?
The internationally acclaimed Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz (1930–2017) contributed to a new epoch in textile art in the 1960s. Her exhibitions in Norway triggered increased interest in…
John K. Raustein: The Future is Solely Motivated by Nostalgia
In this essay, artist and critic Tommy Olsson reflects on John K. Raustein's exhibition When Everything Falls into Place that was exhibited at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo, in 2019 – an immersive,…
Hannah Ryggen's Popularity
The Swedish-Norwegian textile artist Hannah Ryggen (1894-1970) wove tapestries using locally sourced wool and plant dyes from her and her artist husband Hans Ryggen’s farm on Fosen, by the Trondheim…
Inger Johanne Rasmussen: Beauty and Myth
Rasmussen’s artistic practice combines different expressions related to other craft traditions and painting. Her works are characterised by bold colours and geometric patterns juxtaposed with floral…
Kiyoshi Yamamoto: Material as Metaphor
An interview with artist Kiyoshi Yamamoto by André Gali
Mata Aho: Māori Weaving Practices at Atua-Scale
A conversation between Zoe Black and Aotearoa New Zealand art collective Mata Aho
Weaving the Wild: the Work of Brit Fuglevaag
An interview one of Norway's foremost textile artists through several decades, Brit Fuglevaag, by Zoe Black
Pearla Pigao: Playing Patterns
An interview with textile artist and musician Pearla Pigao by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim and Johnny Herbert
Love as a Rebellious Act
Sarah Hudson (Ngāti Awa, Ngāi Tūhoe and Ngāti Pūkeko) has been an admirer of textile artist Ron Te Kawa’s practice and champions his unique approach to sharing Indigenous narratives and stories from…
Reconstructing Gábde Based on Racial Biology Archives
In 2022, it was one hundred years ago that the Swedish State Institute for Racial Biology was established in Uppsala, Sweden. Many ethnic groups and other socially vulnerable subgroups were measured,…
Co-Culturing: Crafting the Living
A conversation between designers Linda Nurk and Natsai Audrey Chieza.
Noa Eshkol’s Rules, Theory and Passion: About the Status of Textiles in Her Artistic Practice
An interview with Mooky Dagan conducted by Marianne Hultman about the wall carpets of the dancer, choreographer, artist teacher and researcher Noa Eshkol.
Pitch, Prosess, Produkt
Artists Siri Hjorth’s and Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas’ Pitch, Prosess, Produkt is an artwork consisting of three short films investigating contemporary textile art in a larger cultural context.
Can Textile Craft Help Restore Planetary Health?
An essay about how regenerative textile practices can aid in our current planetary emergency written by Carole Collet.
On Fibre Optic Weaving and the Archiving of Landscape
Film and interview with Hilde Hauan Johnsen by Ingun Mæhlum and Hilde Sørstrøm