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Part Psychologist, Part Mind Reader, Part Artist

How has the tattoo industry changed in the last ten years or so? Oslo-based tattoo artists Linn Aasne Grønnerøe and Elise Nedal offer throwbacks and foresight based on their years of experience. In this interview, they map out some major challenges and pitfalls of the tattoo industry, and how to avoid them.

Recognizing Ground: Where Indigenous and Queer Practices Meet

Recognizing Ground: Where Indigenous and Queer Practices Meet is a conversation between artists matt lambert and Máret Ánne Sara about shared experiences, migration, nomadism and land.

Perisak Juuso: A Conversation with Perisak Juuso

In this conversation, Irene Snarby talks to duojar Perisak Juuso about the landscape and Sámi place names, and about the in-depth knowledge you need in order to find the right burls, roots or antlers to make beautiful duodji.

Mata Aho: Māori Weaving Practices at Atua-Scale

A conversation between Zoe Black and Aotearoa New Zealand art collective Mata Aho

Beyond G(l)aze

 In this conversation we meet the curator team behind the Sino-Norwegian ceramics exhibition Beyond G(l)aze, consisting of two Norwegian and two Chinese curators: Heidi Bjørgan, Bjørn Inge Follevaag, Feng Boyi and Wang Dong. Here they discuss their experience working with the exhibition, after the initial showing of the exhibition in China.

Co-Culturing: Crafting the Living

A conversation between designers Linda Nurk and Natsai Audrey Chieza.