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Art that hits a nerve
Artist presentation
In this text, Marita Wikstrøm Svěrák introduces us to the field of body piercings, scarification, and body suspension. She explains the craftsmanship behind the different practices, as well as her…
Art Jewellery
With this Ring – An Essay Celebrating the Symbolic Meaning of Jewellery
In this essay by Julia Wild and Katharina Dettar, we are invited to contemplate jewellery as a means of communication, directed both inward and outward. Taking the wedding ring as an example, Wild…
The World-Shifting Qualities of Adornment
In this essay, Vivi Touloumidi discusses wearable signs and adornment, their ability to carry sociopolitical messages, and the impact they can have on forming subjects and identities. By researching…
The Innermost Corner of the Outermost Layer – an interview with Renate D. Dahl, Judit Fritz, and Lauren Kalman
In an interview with three artists, Johanna Zanon explores the theme of the relationship between the body and metal art and jewellery. Renate D. Dahl's work focuses on questioning the social norms…
Jewellery Thoughts of Impermanence
In this text, artist Olaf Hodne questions the presupposed permanence of jewellery, and introduces us to three artists, Sayo Ota, Íris Elva Ólafsdóttir, and Kristine Ervik, whose practices embrace…
Excellence in Craft
Recognizing Ground: Where Indigenous and Queer Practices Meet
Recognizing Ground: Where Indigenous and Queer Practices Meet is a conversation between artists matt lambert and Máret Ánne Sara about shared experiences, migration, nomadism and land.
Sigurd Bronger: Jewellery as Absurd Theater
For many years Sigurd Bronger was an outsider in contemporary art jewellery, but now he enjoys increasing attention. In this interview by Reinhold Ziegler we learn about Bronger's way to jewellery,…
Felieke van der Leest: Toy Animals, Yarn, and Glamorous Design
Plastic toy animals, crocheting in yarn, and precious metals, are some of the elements Felieke van der Leest combines to make exciting, humorous, and absurd jewellery. Central to van der List's…
Nanna Melland: The Uniqueness of the Masses
Nanna Melland is known for making jewellery with unorthodox materials. In this interview by Monica Holmen we are introduced to her practice which spans from personal jewellery to public installations.
Liv Blåvarp: Touch Wood
Artist Liv Blåvarp creates spectacular and sculptural necklaces and bracelets out of wood. Her creations are built by individually shaping smaller pieces of wood and joining them together in a…
Tone Vigeland: Hands on
'Tone Vigeland: Hands on' is an interview with the jewellery artist Tone Vigeland by Reinhold Ziegler. Tone Vigeland’s art springs from a direct encounter between her hands and her materials. For…