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Duodji as a Starting Point for Artistic Practice

In this essay curator and duojár Gry-Kristina Fors Spein reflects on the Sámi concept of duodji as a starting point for artistic practice.

Dehtie Maadtoste, Maadtome – From This Land, These Ancestors of Mine

An essay by South Saami and Scottish Gaelic teacher, translator and poet Johan Sandberg McGuinne on Saami kinship terms and naming practices

Moving Away as Moving Towards

Adam Curtis explores the pastoral lifestyles influenced by the idea of escape – from the busy, noisy, commercial, constant push to produce.

Winona's Hemp

An essay by publisher, editor, and writer Dorothée Perret and artist Oscar Tuazon about Winona LaDuke’s Hemp & Heritage Farm on the White Earth Nation, Gaa-waabaabiganikaag in northern Minnesota.

Memories in Archives – Archived Memories

Essay on Sámi and Kven museum collections by writer and photographer Susanne Hætta

Returning the Long Silent Voices of Our Treasures to the World of Light

Audiovisual essay by Tāmihana Kātene on the creation of taonga puoro

Can Textile Craft Help Restore Planetary Health?

An essay about how regenerative textile practices can aid in our current planetary emergency written by Carole Collet.