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Connecting to the Past: Reclaiming Nordic Heritage through Tattooing

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen and Tor Ola Svennevig invite you into their studio to talk about their craft, promoting Norwegian art and culture, as well as taking their Nordic culture back from the abuse of the extremist right. The two tattoo artists have also written short artist presentations about their personal journeys within the tattoo field.

Part Psychologist, Part Mind Reader, Part Artist

How has the tattoo industry changed in the last ten years or so? Oslo-based tattoo artists Linn Aasne Grønnerøe and Elise Nedal offer throwbacks and foresight based on their years of experience. In this interview, they map out some major challenges and pitfalls of the tattoo industry, and how to avoid them.

Art that hits a nerve

In this text, Marita Wikstrøm Svěrák introduces us to the field of body piercings, scarification, and body suspension. She explains the craftsmanship behind the different practices, as well as her fascination with scars and the importance of pain. Throughout the text, the artist gives insight into the social and psychological part of her work and explains how it is deeply embedded within her practice.

Inuit Tattoo Traditions and the Complexities of a Revival

Maya Sialuk Jacobsen writes about the complexities of taking back Inuit tattoo traditions, a practice born and developed within a culture of collectivism, now practiced and re-assembled in a growing individualistic culture. Sialuk Jacobsen asks: ‘How do Inuit tattoos create both a new verbal and visual language?’

Tron Meyer and Kent Fonn Skåre: Tron Meyer and Kent Fonn Skåre

In this interview by Johnny Herbert, Tron Meyer and Kent Fonn Skåre offer perspectives on their multi-faceted practices within art, craft, design, and architecture.