Carola Grahn

Carola Grahn (South Sami) is a visual artist from Jåhkåmåhkke, Saepmie, currently living in Malmö, Sweden. She does thematic, idea-based work, in large scale projects, mainly involving installation strategies and sculpture. Writing, in many different forms, is a recurring part of her practice. Carola has written an essay about Sami art for Afterall Magazine, co-edited the Hjärnstorm special issue about Saepmie, and self- published her novel Lo & Professorn [“Lo and the Professor”] in 2013. Grahn was awarded Asmund and Lizzie Arles Sculpture Price in 2021 and is represented in the collections of Moderna Museet Stockholm and Mercedes-Benz Art Collection Berlin amongst other collections.

Carola Grahn co-edited the third issue of The Vessel, Embodied Knowledge, as well as authored the text about Monika Svonnis artistry included in the issue.

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