Ida Falck Øien

HAiK w/ Aurlandskoen, 2014. Photo and styling: Ruben Steinum

Ida Falck Øien is a researcher and fashion designer based in Oslo, Norway. In 2012, she co-founded the brand HAiK w/, which operated as a collaborative platform to explore fashion design’s possible future formats and its critical potential through varied approaches such as ethnographic research and experimental interventions ranging from fashion collections and fashion shows to textiles, costumes, videos, courses, interactional installations and improvisational theatre performances. With HaiKw/ and in collaboration with artists such as Toril Johannesen, Charlie Roberts, Trollkrem performance platform and Franz Schmidt, Øien has shown her work in art galleries internationally.

Ida Falck Øien works as an associate professor of costume design and fashion design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She has her educational background from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (now: Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen) and the design department at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Her doctoral project titled Transactional Aesthetics, – and so can you! (2021) looks into models of transactionship focusing on value transitions when items of clothing change ownership in order to explore the dynamics underpinning human-garment relationships.

Ida Falck Øien co-edited the second issue of The Vessel, Re-Acting Fibres.

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