Ceramic Stories

A Baroque Fairytale of an Exhibition

Ceramic artist and curator Heidi Bjørgan's exhibition The Story of an Affair at Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim is a complete installation, mixing museum artefacts, music, and scenography with new ceramic works by Bjørgan herself. In this article by art historian Jorunn Veiteberg we're invited to take a closer look at the exhibition as a cabinet of curiosities.

Elisabeth von Krogh: Playing with Form

In this interview André Gali talks with ceramic artist Elisabeth von Krogh about caricatured expressions, optical illusions and the vessel as form.

Sidsel Hanum: A Journey into the Tiniest Details

Size becomes a fascinating issue when studying the ceramics of Sidsel Hanum. This Norwegian ceramicist makes objects with intricate patterns of minute size, to vessels so big, you can take a bath in them! But even if huge sizes impress, it is her small objects that attract international attention.

Erika Stöckel: Power of the Oppressed Body

In this conversation between curator and artistic director Maria Ragnestam and artist Erika Stöckel we learn more about how Stöckel builds her large-scale ceramic installations, starting from a theme and using historical photography, cultural preconditions, and shame as her inspiration.

Lillian Tørlen: Meeting the Public Where They Are

In this interview by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim and Johnny Herbert, Norwegian artist Lillian Tørlen reveals her thoughts on materials, vases and the importance of the exhibition site.

Ingrid Askeland and Hilde Jørgensen: The Morning After The Night Before

In this essay, art critic Tommy Olsson reflects on Ingrid Askeland and Hilde Jørgensen's exhibition Manic Monday, a dystopian installation of ceramic sculptures, photography and collage, that was on display at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo in the autumn of 2019.

Beyond G(l)aze

In this conversation we meet the curator team behind the Sino-Norwegian ceramics exhibition Beyond G(l)aze, consisting of two Norwegian and two Chinese curators: Heidi Bjørgan, Bjørn Inge Follevaag, Feng Boyi and Wang Dong. Here they discuss their experience working with the exhibition, after the initial showing of the exhibition in China.