Monica Holmen

Monica Holmen (b. 1982) currently works as curator and project coordinator at Nitja Centre for Contemporary Art (previously Akershus Art Centre). Holmen also freelances as a curator, editor, and writer, and is part of KUNSTforum’s editorial staff. Independent projects include Kjell Varvin: Intermediary Stages of a Never-Ending Process, Galleri F15, Moss (2021, curator); Siri Hermansen: Apology (2020, editor); Tegneklubben setter streken (men hva vil arket?), Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger (2019, curator); Tegneklubben: Theoretical, Abstract, Hygienic, Minimal Conceptualism Meets Sensitivity, Melancholy and Feelings in General, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo (2018, curator); Romantic Rocks, Podium, Oslo (2018, co-curator); Siri Hermansen: The Economy of Survival (2018, editor).

Holmen has contributed texts to journals and magazines, among others Norwegian Crafts, Kunsthåndverk, Kunstpluss, Uncertain States of Scandinavia, and exhibition texts to Javier Barrios, Ingri Haraldsen & Petter Buhagen, Piotr Nowak among others. Holmen holds a MA in art history from the University of Oslo with a thesis on Dag Alveng’s New York-photographs (2010).

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