Iver Jåks

Portrait of Iver Jåks. Photo: Kjell Fjørtoft. © 2018 Tromsø Museum, UiT.

Iver Jåks (1932-2007) was a Sámi artist born into a reindeer herding family, near Idjajávri (Nattvann) not far from Kárášjohka (Karasjok) on the Norwegian side of Sápmi. He attended the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry (1952-55) and later the Art Academy in Copenhagen (1958-59). In his artistic practice, Jåks worked across different medias such as illustration, painting, crafts, and sculpture – always with a playful approach to the processual aspects of creating. His work is best recognised by his distinctive installations that can be characterized as an intersection between ancient traditions and contemporary art practice.

Throughout his career, Iver Jåks had numerous solo exhibitions across the Nordic countries and was rewarded several prizes and awards such as the Saami Council’s Honorary Award (1987) and the Arts Council Norway Honorary Award (1992). In 2002, he was appointed Knight of the 1st class of the Order of St. Olav.

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