Harald Lunde Helgesen

Photo: Anne Valeur

Harald Lunde Helgesen is a clothing designer working between the fields of fashion, costume and arts. Helgesen is finishing a master's degree in Design at KHiO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts in June 2022 after practicing since graduating with a BA in Fashion from AUCB in 2009. His main output over the last ten years has been the clothing label HAiKw/, operating as a collaborative platform, working with critical reflections around various aspects of the culture of clothing. A parallel activity has been costume design for contemporary dance productions like, Flakkande Røynd and Butoh Encounters in Norway and Canons and Liquide in France. Completing the multifaceted practice are participation in exhibition projects like Aktiv Materie, Bomuldsfabrikken, Arendal; Don’t Feed the Monster, Galleri F 15, Moss, and Interpretations, Golsa, Oslo. Helgesen, with HAiKw/, won recognition through winning BikBok Runway Award, and the Norwegian National Museum has purchased their works for their collection.

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