From Krissy Mary – Too Heavy For Your Boots music video. Courtesy of the artist.

Krissy Mary – Glaumr


A symphonic poem by Krissy Mary

Composed and played by

Kristine Marie Aasvang/Krissy Mary

Mixed by

Thomas Bergsten

Mastering by

RedRedPaw Mastering

Glaumr is a sound piece, a symphonic poem, a national romantic ode to Norway's longest river Glomma. In the composition, artist and musician Krissy Mary has tried to capture the personality and soul of Glomma; she has followed Glomma’s journey from its starting point in Aursunden, northeast of Røros, until it flows out to Oslofjorden by Fredrikstad.

Krissy Mary – Glaumr

Krissy Mary. Photo by Julie Marie Naglestad

For Glaumr Krissy Mary was inspired by the orchestral piece Die Moldau, which is one of the movements in Ma Vlast — an orchestral piece and collection of national romantic symphonic poems by Bedrich Smetana.

Glaumr is a symphonic poem, a national romantic ode to Norway's longest river Glomma. The title of the piece, Glaumr, is therefore derived from the name Glomma, or Glåma, which can be connected to the verb glåmå, meaning “shining weak and pale”. The word is believed to derivate from the Norse word Glaumr. The piece is composed and recorded in Ål, on Leveld Kunstnartun, and consists of vocals, flute, and notes from a psalmodicon. Glaumr consists of six small compositions in total. The piece was composed in connection with Urban Sound Art in Fredrikstad, curated by Tulle Ruth, and was performed live by musicians during Høstutstillingen 2023.

The piece is the fourth movement in Glaumr, Slippstrøm.

I am a big believer of art as a portal into the subconscious mind, and I constantly experience that art can create a closer attachment to the world and our surroundings. I believe that this experience can arise in relation to all artforms, but for me, music and sound are particularly magical and powerful. Sound confronts you; it is impossible to close off your ears to the vibrations. We surround ourselves with sound constantly and I think that it's important to be aware of this, because it affects us to the highest degree. Through creating musical compositions that generate a space for listening, I hope that I can contribute towards raising awareness and consciousness about sound.

– Krissy Mary

Glaumr is featured on the front page of the sixth issue of The Vessel – Modulating Craft.