Maya Sialuk Jacobsen (Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland), founder of the research and dissemination project Inuit Tattoo Traditions (2010 - present)

Maya Sialuk's research covers all Inuit territories in the Circumpolar North and draws on her cultural roots and language, as well as academic literature, ethnography, anthropological descriptions and archaeological objects. The results of her research are disseminated via lectures, numerous podcasts, scientific articles and teaching.

In addition, Maya Sialuk uses her tattooist training actively. She has 23 years of tattooing experience and works as a traditional Inuit tattoo artist. She has taught and tattooed in Greenland, Canada and Alaska.

Maya Sialuk participates in experimental archeology projects, and has made discoveries of Inuit tattooing methods and tools that are useful in her work with tattooed mummies from the Arctic.

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