Touka Voodoo

Swedish designer and tattooist Touka Voodoo specialises in bespoke pattern-based tattooing. He is particularly recognised for his elaborate genital tattoo work, with a focus on penis tattoos. After getting his start with Divine Canvas in the United Kingdom, a pivotal studio in Geometric tattooing and advanced body modifications, Touka returned to Sweden after two decades in London. Currently operating from his studio, Stockholm Alternative, in Gamla Stan, Touka's ethos revolves around the belief that the journey of the tattoo is as significant as its destination. The studio itself, meticulously arranged with sound and light effects, is crafted to provide a holistic and therapeutic ambience. Central to Touka's artistic mission is the concept of body enhancement, achieved through the application of elegant bespoke patterns, exclusively designed for each client. His overarching goal is to catalyse a transformative process, ultimately refining his clients into a superior version of themselves.

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