Tor Ola Svennevig

Tor Ola Svennevig tattooing. Photo by Mattthieu Duquenois.

Tor Ola Svennevig is a tattooer and a craftsman. In 2016, he celebrated the 15-year anniversary of his studio Ihuda Tattoo, and from that day on he put his tattoo machines down for good to only focus on tattooing by hand. Today, he works at Nidhogg Tattoo Studio in Bergen with Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, Annlaug Maria Tolo, and Carmen Perez Gill. Apart from tattooing, and working with fine metals, he is a published author of two books and several articles about tattoo history. He has made cover art and designs for several bands, including Enslaved and Wardruna, with more soon to be released. Svennevig have been invited to show his work at several tattoo conventions, both home and abroad, and has won prizes for his work in Japan and Switzerland. His customers include Norwegians, as well as people who travel to Norway just to get tattooed by him. Most of his work is drawn straight on to the skin with a marker, before it is tattooed by hand, one dot at a time.

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