Sigurd Bronger

Sigurd Bronger with his devices. Photo: Elisie-Ann Hochlin.

Sigurd Bronger (b. 1957, Oslo) is a Norwegian jewellery artist who started his educational journey at Oslo Yrkesskole in 1974-75. In the following years, he attended MTS Vakschool Schoonhoven (1975-79) in the Netherlands. Bronger’s innovative – nearly engineering – approach to art jewellery has resulted in a career characterised by absurd devices constructed by unorthodox objects such as balloons, gallstones, sponges and goose-eggs. His work is said to defy definitions without compromising the aspect of craftmanship.

Sigurd Bronger’s work has been widely exhibited in Norway and abroad. He has also been rewarded several prizes and awards such as the Torsten och Wanja Söderbergs Design Award (2012) and The Prince Eugen Medal (2015).

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