Sayo Ota

Sayo Ota photographed by Ivar Kvaal

Born 1982 in Mie, Japan, Ota currently resides in Tokyo. After graduating from Tokai University with a BA in Nordic Studies in 2005, she moved to Europe and achieved a Goldsmith Journeyman in Denmark 2012 after training in Reykjavik, Iceland. In 2018 Ota received B.F.A. in Medium- and Material based Art from Oslo National Academy of The Arts, Norway.

Her artistic practice encompasses the articulation of communications and connections between being an individual and a world citizen in a multi-layered manner. She explores how to embed such themes by cross-narrating beyond boundaries and the incorporating of intellectual approaches on how we can observe the world.

Since April 2021 Ota studies in the Global Art Practice master’s program at Tokyo University of the Arts, where she is searching to complete her philosophy that mixes mediums such as jewellery, video, and essay writing.

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