Marita Wikstrøm Svěrák

Photo by Celine Bergundhaugen.

Marita Wikstrøm Svěrák is a body piercer, scarification artist, and body suspension practitioner at BLEKK Studio in Oslo. Wikstrøm Svěrák studied Fine Arts at Middlesex University in London, and although she have worked creatively with different traditional art mediums, working with bodies was always more interesting to her, than something that could be displayed on a wall or in a museum.

Piercing and scarification is a daily practice at BLEKK studio, and Wikstrøm Svěrák occasionally does work in a suspension team, in personal settings, or at international suspension conventions. However, she have also taken part in four art installation projects as a body suspension practitioner working with Håvve Fjell, Wings of Desire, a body suspension group based in Oslo from 2002-2021, and the Australian performance artist Stelarc.

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