Linn Aasne Grønnerøe

Linn Aasne Grønnerøe at Ambrosia studio. Photo by Kjetil Skjold Nordgård.

Linn Aasne Grønnerøe (b. 1988) is a tattooer and artist living and working in Oslo.

She runs her own tattoo studio, Ambrosia Studio, in Grønland, Oslo, and has been tattooing for well over a decade. Tattooing is her main focus, but she also works with painting, drawing, and digital art. Linn Aasne sees tattooing as a powerful tool for taking control over your own body; a liberating process that can make people feel more in control of themselves. In a world where we don’t always feel that way, it can be a very healing process.

Over the course of her career, she has travelled and worked all around Norway, and on some occasions abroad. Linn Aasne has also participated in Pride Art a number of times, and has shown her artwork at the ladies of tattooing exhibition in New York twice.

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