Linda Nurk

Photo courtesy of the artist.

The designer and artist Linda Nurk began her 20 year career with some of the greatest masters in the couture houses of Paris. From a grounding with lofty artistic values, a deep sense of history but above all a devotion to meticulous handcraft, she has developed her working practice at the confluence of ‘arts et métiers.’ The result is her unique, artisanal take on bio-textiles.

Through urban micro-farming techniques she has found a path towards a wild mix of biodegradable, body-sculpted fashion – what she has come to call “Couture Vivante” – whose colours, forms and materials resound with the beauty of fragility and tactility.

In her vision of a poetic and semi-abstract symbiosis the natural touch and shape of skin, silk and vegetation coalesce into 3-dimensional textiles, creating a sensory landscape of life, death and rebirth.

Linda’s recent work has been exhibited at London Design Festival, Sven-Harry’s Konstmuseum, Stockholm and Sofiero Castle, Helsingborg.

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