Kari Dyrdal

Photo by Andreas Dyrdal

Kari Dyrdal (b. 1952) is a textile artist, known for her monumental tapestries. Her large-scale woven images reference historic weaving traditions but employ digital tools both in the research and production. The starting point for Dyrdal's tapestries is always a photograph, which is then transformed to woven surfaces, where patterns and repetitions, color and fibers make up the final image.

Dyrdal has previously served as a professor in the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen. She holds a degree in textile Art from Bergens Kunsthåndverksskole (Bergen School of Arts and Crafts) in 1977, and completed her post-graduate study at the Croydon College of Art and Technology in London in 1978. Her work has been exhibited at the National Museum, Oslo; KODE Art Museums and composer Homes, Bergen; and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston among others.

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