John K. Raustein

Still image from the Studio Visits film series produced by Norwegian Crafts and Revers Produksjon

John K. Raustein (b. 1972) is a textile artist based in Oslo, Norway. In his practice, he investigates relationships between invisibility, exclusion, privilege and resistance, and explores the textile tradition’s many possibilities – materially, conceptually and sculpturally. In his art, Raustein seeks triggers – a mental image, a flash of something, a color, a sound, a smell, or a place – and strives to make visible a feeling of existential dread. He graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2000) and the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation in Copenhagen (1997). His work has been aquired by the National Museum, Oslo; Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum (NKIM), Trondheim; KODE Art Museums, Bergen; and SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand.

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