Jannicke Wiese-Hansen

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen has been a tattoo artist and an illustrator for nearly 30 years, working closely with the Norwegian black metal scene and the Norse/Viking scene. She has designed logos, T-shirts, posters, and album cover art for countless bands. Wiese-Hansen also worked with the National Library of Norway to create a black metal exhibition, Dårlig stemming or Bad Vibes (29.03.23 – 16.09.23).

Wiese-Hansen is a tattoo artist, and in 2016, after 20 years at Let’s Buzz Tattoo in Bergen, she and Annlaug M. Tolo opened their own studio called Nidhogg Tattoo Studio, located at the famous Bryggen in Bergen. Wiese-Hansen has travelled the world, from Iceland to New Zealand, to partake in tattoo conventions and gatherings. Because she has her very own style, namely Norse woodcarving tattoos, at least 65% of her tattoo clients at Nidhogg travel in from other countries.

In addition to her studio, Jannicke also has a shop, Nidhogg Gallery in Bryggen, together with her father Lorenzo Wiese-Hansen, where they sell prints, originals, and woodcarved items.

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