Inga-Wiktoria Påve

Inga-Wiktoria Påve. Photo by Carl-Johan Utsi

Inga-Wiktoria Påve is based in Northern Sweden in the municipality of Kiruna. She was brought up in a traditional Sami reindeer herding community and it is from her heritage that she takes her inspiration. Påve is a visual artist and designer whose work expresses the colors and shapes of Sami culture.

Påve holds a dual degree in Education in her native language of Northern Saami and in Art Education from Umeå University (Northern Sweden). She has also studied traditional Sami crafts at Samernas utbildningscentrum in Jokkmokk, Sweden. In 2015, Påve won the Young Artist of the Year Award at the Riddu Riddu Festival in Manndalen, Norway. Since then, she has continued to work as a visual artist and exhibited in notable places such as the Lilla Galleriet (Umeå, Sweden) and Adäka Festival (Whitehorse, Canada). Together with other Sami artist Anders Sunna, she has created a short animated film, entitled Morit Elena Morit, that has been screened at film festivals around the globe. Morit Elena Morit has won awards such as Jane Galssco’s Award for Emerging Artists at the imageNative Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) and Best Sami Short Film at Skábmagovat Film Festival (Inare, Finland).

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